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PCIe x1 to U.2 SFF-8639 Adapter Cable


3D Version drawing, please download and open it with newest Adobe Reader.

R1x series is PCIe x1 Edge Connector Extension Adapter cable, adapted to PCIe x1, x4, x16, M.2 KeyM / A+E, mPCIe (mini PCIe), U.2 (SFF-8639) connectors to re-locate a PCIe card slot or bridge between slots on two different PCBs. The ribbonized format of the axial cable provides a dense and flexible solution without signal attenuation for high speed PCIe Gen3 8Gbps Data Transaction, bidirectional 16Gpbs (16GT/sec) per PCIe lane.

Cable Quality: Stable PCIe Gen3 8Gbps or higher with high qualityAxial Cable

Cable Flexibility: Highly-routable, foldable, flexible

Thickness=1.4mm (1/16 inch) Width=9mm (3/8 inch)

Cable Length: Standard (015) = 15cm (6inch), Customized for 5~100cm (005~100)

* Contact us for customize:

PCB Quality: Experienced design and durable material for High frequency and low attenuation.

Connector Quality: high quality for PC server / mother board.

Solder Point Protection: PCB-Swaddled and fixed with Bolts and nut to prevent tearing and short circuit for PCB-Cable solder points.


Maximum Speed: PCIe Gen3 8Gbps. Bidirectional 2.0GB/sec (16Gpbs , 16GT/sec) per PCIe lane, PCIe Gen2 (5Gbps) & PCIe Gen1 (2.5Gbps) compatibles.

Header (Male) Connector: PCIe x1

Receptacle (Female) Connector: PCIe x1, x4, x16, M.2 KeyM / A+E, mPCIe (mini PCIe), U.2 (SFF-8639)

Cable: Length: Standard (015) = 15cm (6inch), Customized for 1~999cm (001~999)

* Guideline: PCIe Gen3 8Gbps max 24 inch (60cm)

Cable Type: Flat, Twin Axial, Thickness=1.4mm (1/16 inch) Width=9mm (3/8 inch)

Color: Black

Connector Type: Straight (SF), Right angles (SR), Left angled (SL), Dual Edge (SS):

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  • Model: R17SF